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Testors Model Master Liquid Cement for Plastic

Testors Model Master Liquid Cement for Plastic

Brand: Testors
Model: Model Master Liquid Cement for Plastic

Reg Price: $7.99
Liquid Cement For Plastic is designed specifically for plastic models; joining ploystyrene to polystyrene. It has a precision metal applicator for detailed work.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Preassemble parts without cement to insure proper fit. Trim or file where necessary. When cementing painted or plated parts, scrape away paint or plating from surfaces ot be joined. Apply cement sparingly to one surface and press firmly together. AVOID CEMENT OF FINGER TIPS, AS GLUE SMUDGED ON AREAS NOT TO BE JOINED CANNOT BE REMOVED. It will also discolor or “cloud up” clear parts.. Do not use on clear parts. Use 8876C Clear Parts Cement Window Maker.

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