Estes Alpha III
Join the hundreds of thousands of people who got their start in model rockets with this classic! The Estes Alpha III was the very first rocket in the E2X series. E2X (Easy to Assemble) is a rocket series designed with beginners in mind. With all colo... (view more)
Reg. $32.99
Estes Blue Ninja
The Estes Blue Ninja is one of the biggest model rockets in our E2X (Easy to Assemble) series. Standing over 30 inches (76 cm) tall, this is an imposing rocket that can deliver sonic busting, high altitude flights. Designed with the first time rocket... (view more)
Reg. $17.49
Estes Big Bertha
Big Bertha is an Estes original! Big, burly, black and beautiful perfectly describes this classic. She's an all around Estes favorite that has truly withstood the test of time. Over the decades, Big Bertha has been most modelers' first big build. W... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Blackbird
Now you can build and fly the world's fastest manned jet with the Estes SR-71 Blackbird flying model rocket kit. Building your own super sonic jet...now that sounds cool! With its midnight black color it looks so sleek you can't help but be impress... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Cruise Missle
Experience the thrill of launching this realistic model of America's most powerful strategic weapon! The Estes Cruise Missile is ready to fly in just minutes. With its mean looking shark?s teeth design and patriotic colors, the Cruise is sure to be ... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Der Red Max
The Der Red Max is a classic Estes model rocket and another of our most requested bring back models...and for good reason. Not only is this a uniquely decorated model, but this model performs as good as it looks. This is one of those model rockets th... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Engines
1/4A3-3T, 1/2A3-2T, 1/2A3-4T, 1/2A6-2, A3-4T, A8-3, A8-5, A10-3T, A10-PT

B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4, B6-6, B6-0

C5-3, C6-3, C6-5, C6-7, C6-0, C11-3, C11-7

D11-P, D12-0, D12-3, ... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Ignighters
Estes Solar Starter 6 pack... (view more)
Reg. $5.99
Estes Liquadator
Launch liquids into space! Ever tried space pop? The Estes Liquidator is a huge high performance rocket that stands over two feet (61 cm) tall and includes a watertight payload capsule that allows you to launch water, gelatin, soda, or whatever liqui... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Mean Machine
The Mean Machine stands over a staggering 6 foot (2 m) tall, which can be a handful to transport to the launch site. The clever rocket designers at Estes recognized this problem and developed a unique, twist lock connector set that allows you to take... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes NSA Starship
Travel between stars in your Estes NSA Starship while you explore new galaxies! When you're traveling in hyperspace, kick the Starship into warp drive and move faster-than-light. Like those giant rockets launched at the Cape, this ready to fly model... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Parachute
Sizes 12" 18" 24"... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Patriot
Be an Army missile commander! The Estes Patriot Starter Set features an accurate scale-like model rocket of the U.S. Army's surface-air defense missile. Estes designers captured the same intercept point flight characteristics of the Army's first li... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Pop Fly
For all you baseball fans out there, the Estes Pop Fly rocket was designed just for you! The Pop Fly is a uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind, interactive rocket for hours of challenging fun! To get in the game, a lightweight molded foam "baseball" is... (view more)
Reg. $
Estes Recovery Wadding
4.5' X 4.5' X 75 Squares... (view more)
Reg. $6.99
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